Live Life One Day One Dream One Goal

Each day is a new day brings a new sunset a new sunrise a new view of the world another chance another opportunity to seize every moment that exists .We spend most of our days going about life in such a daily routine that it becomes almost robotic. Work /Clean /Sleep / Work / Relax/ Chores / Food/ Same ole same ole. The weekend comes and disappears where did it all go?  You can choose to continue on the same path or life each day not knowing where the or how the next day will bring. You can seize the moment enjoy the day every moment every breathe is another opportunity for another chance to do something different with life. A few months ago something came to me that I had thought about years ago and never followed through with. The Bucket List of Life everyone has one, the things that they have dreamed of doing before they pass . The goals they wish to achieve in their lifetime. Anything and everything from that one meal that they never got the chance to try, that one outfit they have yet to buy, to the lavish vacation or the bizarre thing that they want to do. I have created a bucket list years ago. I had off an on over the years misplaced this list and found it and realized that so many of these things I have done , goals I have accomplished, silly little things I wanted to do or try and dreams that came true. I use to follow some of these things on a goal website but no longer have access to the email I used to create it. I have created this blog so that I can track my journey and share my experiences with others. The first thing on my list is to actually follow through with some of my list so that life isn’t the same ole same ole day after day. In sharing this I hope that I will inspire others to follow their dreams reach goals or at least have a little fun to break from the daily grind of work/ sleep. Thus my journey begins. Coming soon …. pictures from things done on the list if no picture is available a detailed description… disclosure…do not try some of the items unless you enjoy a bizarre life and want to totally seize the moment…Some items follow your dreams and ambitions and achieve your goals…We are not responsible for any accidents or good fortunes that come from attempting anything that we have listed. However if by chance your reading this blog and you would like to share something that you have read or saw that has caused you to seize the moment or enjoy life in a fun or filling way, we would love for you to share your experience with us.  Carpe’ Diem (Seize the Moment) enjoy the future. Peace to all.

When Life isnt always Easy

It has been awhile since I have been on here.  I set out to create this to focus on the positive things that life brings us.  Life is not always easy though.

I think to the song ” Live like you were dying” and how if only it was that easy.

My philosphy in life has always been Carpe’ Diem Seize the day or let it slip away, make the most of the days as they come and cherish every moment you are blessed with. It seems we never know how much time that will be.

In the past few years we had many ups and and downs and lots of wonderful memories with the most beautiful children and grandchildren anyone could ask for.

Sadly a year ago my husband was hospitalized and we were given the news that he had almost died and as he continued to improve they also told us that his time is limited however we don’t know how much time that will be. Also everytime we go to the specialists more tests are done and we find out that more medical issues have surfaced.We go on tuesday to determine if they can even do a surgery that the doctors feel is urgently needed.

I try to remain optimistic and look at the positive in all of this however through all of this I have had to change my work schedule to accommodate in doing so I took on contractor type jobs. Now due to unforeseen issues and not having the ability to travel very far from home, my work has been slim to none . I am trying to support my large family and still account for all the school stuff and medical stuff that comes with the circumstances.

My husband is physically unable to work what he knows as if he does it could literally kill him because of the lifting involved and he can not sit for long periods of time because the pain is too much to bear.

This puts this all on me and I have tried everything that I know however I live in a smaller community to jobs are scarce and the delivery type jobs are not in much need around this area as they are only in the larger cities that I would have to travel to for a maybe which takes gas away from us and mileage etc….

I think back to the song ” Live like you are dying” it would be beautiful to make the memories for my family while we still can however I don’t have funds to do so anymore I barely have funds to keep up with obligations it’s getting close to the holidays and we are looking at spending another holiday season at the hospital. We sent last Thanksgiving at the hospital getting the news that his organs are failing. So how do you Live like you are dying? Sadly it is not as beautiful as the song makes it.

You spend everyday worrying if and when you are going to have money for the normal things in life like housing and transportation , you miss out on so many memories because your trying to schedule trips to the specialists and surgeries between all the other norms that come with having a large family. You struggle everyday with your own medical issues because the anxiety of what the future may or may not holds stresses you out so much. You try to enjoy life but you just keep worrying and wondering while trying to stay as optimistic as possible.

You set time aside to try and relax and do things that will mean the most to the kids but you feel like your missing out on so much. You try to work but you keep thinking about the future and you worry everyday what is next?

I have created a GoFundMe page something that is very difficult for me to do. It is hard for me to ask others for help but the bills are piling up my anxiety is through the roof and no steady work is in site until after the first of the year. I worry about so much everyday. How will I come up with the large rent that we have, How do I keep up with the bills? How can I give the family the Thanksgiving and Christmas they deserve ?

This year I am very Thankful despite all the trials we are facing

I am thankful for the most beautiful kids and grandkids that I could ever ask for even on the hardest of moments they give me many reasons to smile.

I am also thankful that my husband survived this past year and is still with us as last thanksgiving we did not know if he was going to live or die. He remained positive and pushed forward to be here for the family.

I am very thankful for many things this year but I am also drowning in debt and the medical issues just keep rising on us.

If anyone could see in their hearts to share our story, pray for our family or have the ability to help us out in getting through these difficult times. It is greatly appreciated as the stress of it all is getting to me and I have tried everything else that I can think of to do. I also know that I will end up having to move as our rent is alot for this area and finding a house big enough for all of us is difficult. Also we eventually will need a home with a bathroom downstairs as ours is older and its getting more difficult for him to go upstairs. For now though I am in need of help with our rent and bills to get through the next few months without becoming homeless. I am asking because this is something I need to do for my children until work can pick up and we know what the future holds and how many surgeries he will need.

Attached is the link to our Go Fund Me page if anyone can help us out whether it be prayers sharing the link or with the growing bills that are consuming us.






Times Change

As time changes so do we.

In the past few months, we have focused on the enjoyment of experiencing new places to visit as well as new things to try.

I am still following my bucket list for life and seizing every moment that life has to offer.


Just like the bucket on the front of a bulldozer you can let it just sit there and do nothing or you can pick it up and totally change the scenery that surrounds it creating something beautiful.


Sometimes that takes time and dedication sometimes it just happens.

So for today I am focusing on a different part of my bucket list.  In looking back over a few things that I have listed over the years I have realized that I have accomplished many more things than I originally thought on it and once I originally wrote my list years ago many things just sort of fell into place and the list just sort of  modified itself naturally as the universe would have it.

hintergrund-887.jpg So here I am today reviewing my list and thinking what is the one thing on my list that will allow me to truly seize the day and live life to the fullest ?

Having a full time income that I can do from home or basically anywhere we would like to travel.


I have tried several things like


Which has actually paid out but it takes awhile for the coins to add up unless you get very creative with it



Which I am still exploring but if I’m going to listen to music I might as well get paid for it.

These however are not going to produce the type of income that are going to allow me to travel and escape the 9-5 which we all know is no longer 9-5 but more like a never ending second home to the daily routine. I enjoy my job it has inspired me in many  ways and taught me many things nothing like it.10455426_915660525152160_8039086251256971722_n

but the never ending days take away from the other enjoyments of life and the family that makes it all worth it.


So today as I am seeking ways to continue with my bucket list I am asking for suggestions on ways to earn a full time income from home that is legit and pays decently. As I go upon my journey of marking additional items off of my list.

Carpe’ diem my friends there is only one life to live make the most of it.



Foggy (prompt) ….

Today’s prompt is Foggy when I think about Fog most people think of a cloud filled day where the sunshine hides just out of site,or driving down a road where the visibility is difficult. There are several roads to be concerned the biggest road that comes to my mind is the road of life.

We go through each day with thoughts of the things that we are going to do or how we are going to move forward but even on the clearest of days everything is foggy. There are clouds hiding just out of sight. Even on the foggiest of days that comes there is always a silver lining to be found.

As one is going down the road of life sometimes they don’t see the fog that is coming to work things out. Not always for them but for other people. Recently I have had major chances in my daily routine. However these changes have come from a foggy view of life that another has lived. In the other persons fog. I have found the silver lining. The answer to a prayer that I have cried out for a long time. Through it all my life has become so much more blessed and it reminded me that sometimes you have to weather the storm to find the sunshine past the cloudy days. So when your roads of life seem to be foggy or unclear just remember that Life is Good and Creator will provide maybe not in the way or time frame that one had hoped, but in living life to the fullest , Life will show you how to feel the fullest that life has to live.  I spent so much time working and trying to make a better life and unforeseen circumstances have given to me the best that life has to offer.

Trust Believe Love Life and Live

Carpe Diem Seize the Day. So even in others darkest hour one can find the silver lining past another’s foggy day. Peace All.

via Daily Prompt: Foggy

In Seizing the day comes a list ….

Soon to come a list of 100 goals I have set for myself to achieve a better me and seize the day. Here is the list broken down to the first 25… more to come…

The first set…………

Get Certified in my new position and be the best

Go on a canoe ride down the river for my Daddy

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

enjoy life
Go on an airplane ride

Take a video from a ski lift

Improve my credit score even more than I have

Hike in the Appalachian Mountains and Camp survival style

Go Muddin in Dune Buggy

Get away from the negativity that surrounds me – Find the Peace that has gotten away from me by being surrounded by negative people.

Have and keep reliable transportation
Get 5 more Certifications
Try 5 new meals from restaurants
Be in another movie that is produced and does well
Have Reliable Transportation
Obtain a Modeling Portfolio
Take part in an eloquent pole dancing class
Go to the Hippie Street fair 2x in a year
Play waterballoon baseball
Play tic tac toe archary
Travel / Visit a random destination for a week ( follow a random road with no map or navigator etc until the return home )
Mud Wrestle
Visit New Orleans
Sing on stage again
Meet someone famous again and get a picture with them

Our Weekend to Celebrate:

Cinco De Mayo falls shortly after my birthday and my seniority date at my career. With Cinco De Mayo actually falling on the weekend this year, it gave us a weekend to Celebrate. Wanting to do something different and our original plans being changed at the last minute , this is what we decided to do on our weekend to celebrate.

We went to a  Mexican restaurant and decided to try something different in honor of the holiday. The Server was very friendly and helpful. He realized that we had chosen that location in honor of the heritage and made the experience one of joy for us to have.

It was a beautiful day and a very tasteful meal. We enjoyed a Coronita Margarita

For our meal we decided upon a Quesadilla that had steak , chicken, and  shrimp in it with rice . It tasted really good and the portion was very filling, The presentation was beautifully done and the Server was very friendly and helpful. Gracias


Continuing our weekend the following day and trying to decide something different to do we decided to go some place that we could just relax and have fun so we went out for food drink and just relaxing.

It got later in the evening and the moon was shining and there was a bright horizon so we relaxed outside for a little while

Then we went for an appetizer, chicken wings was just what we needed not to heavy, not too light.


A drink before our fun whats better than beer from the tap in a tube ( well it could of been a little colder – next time we will get a few cups of ice just in case )


Since drinking an driving is unsafe , it was late an no motorcycle to ride we decided on a motorcycle ride that was safe an interactive video game ride and to end the night. He won me a teddy bear. Keeping ourselves safe we got a ride home.




None (Daily Prompt )

via Daily Prompt: None      So today’s daily prompt is None so why not here goes….

Today is like no other I wouldn’t say today is a day of None as today is my birthday as well as some others  who are very close to me. What do I have planned for today ? Well I work but my adventure is supposed to take place this weekend. Cinco De Mayo soon upon the way as well. So what do I have planned for today None of that fun stuff that most people do on their birthdays just watch movies relax and work until the weekend then the fun begins. (More on this to come)  Even though not much is going on today and none really understands why? There is a lot to be said for the word None it is just like nothing if you have none. How do you really know if there is none, or nothing? For one person to say they have none it may actually mean that there is none around. Another person may say they have none meaning that they don’t have any to spare. It is all in interpretation. When I think of None, I think none of what? Are than any hours/ minutes left in the day to do the things you never got done? One might say no we have none left. When in reality unless it is 11:59 at night then there are minutes and or hours left, still however there is a new day upon the way. Make the most of each one.

Adventurous Bike Ride :

So we was trying to find something to do on the spur of the moment this past weekend. It had rained really hard on Friday night and Saturday morning and the creek was very high and the fields were soaked.20170429_141124

Not sure what to do we had a few drinks while we thought about it .20170502_081629.jpg

After all I had the day off work so why not ? Time to relax. But what fun is relaxing ? We needed some exercise and some butter. Needing to get our car situation under control it was walk across the soaked field or go the long way.  We decided if we gotta go the long way to the store we might as well make it fun. So we decided to take the bicycle.bicycle-1398536732m7w

What do you do when there is only one bicycle and two people and one is starting to feel pretty good because they were already up all night and had a few drinks in them. Let the other one take you for a ride . We tried to record it as he was standing up trying to balance me going over uneven ground. I was trying to hold on and record it the camera kept kicking off so the video did not go as planned but at least we had fun and a bike ride that we won’t soon forget. Maybe it would of been easier if we had an extra seat or one of these.electric-bicycle-1314934617NBg

So what to do when the food leaves a lot to be desired find something different to do ……

The breakfast was a lot to be desired so… we decided to do something different than food…

A little fun for the evening …..


Well it’s not exactly something new but since it had been several years since we had enjoyed bowling and had not been to these lanes we decided why not….

So off we go ….

We took a cab not being our normal driver there was a bit of a conversation that was cleared up before the end of the ride. Just a suggestion if you are in a public service not knowing relationships and circumstances could of went in a totally different direction. It started out rocky but ended up smoothly after all was explained so all turned out well.


We get there and it was slightly aggravating at first until we got use to bowling again and got into the swing of the game.

The atmosphere was nice, the attendant was very polite and friendly and made the evening even more enjoyable. It was her last day there . We are  glad that  we went and got to spend some time talking to her. She really brightened the course of our day.


As the evening went on the scores got better.

However; maybe we should do things like this more often because was definitely soar the next day.

This is a place that deserves a thumbs up and will definitely like too visit again.


Good Job !!!!!




New restaurant in town new place to go OK why not? Off we go …..

Its all the rave a new place in town if food is what you crave…

The place is small the choices are few so what is one to do ?

Go in to find a table left where a wall is the only view.

Let’s get something to drink while we wait over a half hour for the  half of our order of food. Coffee is that right  ? No spoon or stir stick in sight.


Menu folded up like a small news flyer on the table in the corner behind the sugar packs, What is it that you serve?

Determined to try out this new place in town we stayed we walked the miles to say that this experience was a pleasant one would be a huge bend.

Since we decided to seize the day and to get there walked out in the wind and cold out of our way for a couple miles . We figured we might as well stay.

The menu items were very basic and few so we decided to get the meal that served the most items available and to do the add on.


In this not so country diner that had a claustrophobic feel we decided that we would take the deal.  Bacon, Eggs, Hash-browns, Toast with Ham and a biscuit and gravy. Basic meal that it seemed almost everyone in the diner was ordering the same thing.  ( we ordered the extra item at a reduced price if you order with the deal so sounds good in theory.)

We waited and waited and waited drinking our coffee ( nothing to stir it with if we wanted the sugar that was hiding the menus to start with)  for what not seemed like over 30 minutes for our food but actually was.

Team-work where did you go for between the staff we’d like to know ? Oh it only  exists at check-out time when you altered our cost to charge us more when we called you out on the fact that you overcharged us  on the special deal items to start with .  ( we heard the conversation between the front and kitchen staff the entire time we waited, and dined ( one of staff even told the other too continue….. to wait…. while she gets her head together, How long does that take ?  Did we enjoy this meal? Maybe you will ? Who knows but here it goes….

Atmosphere- Claustrophobic but beautiful decor


Greeting time – Immediately just find the menus on your own nothing like a good game of hide and seek

copyright free public image from public domain pictures net cat images hide and seek

Service at ordering- at least she continued to smile that’s what they teach you right? As long as you smile you make a good hostess????

Time line – here we go ….waiting ….waiting … waiting

  1. Fast greeting
  2. Hidden Menus
  3. Coffee no napkin, no spoon or stir stick
  4. Half hour minimum wait to get half our food
  5. Can we have some eating utensils please?
  6. Kitchen staff and dining staff please find team work asides during your altered  overcharged check out we can hear it all
  7.  We have to get up stand near kitchen to request the other half of our meal that we had ordered.
  8. They put it in separately so we are charged full price for the add -on and have to wait while we eat our first half that was already almost cold when we got it. Wait .. for the second plate of our order to even be put in but we will let you think that were going back to the kitchen to get it but disappear
  9. Restroom facility available — Am I stuck in a college dorm? No workable vent no window.

Quality of Food:

  1. Eggs- just on the verge of cold like a late autumns eve right before the sun goes down and the wind is all around
  2. Bacon- Like the souls of leather shoes
  3. Toast- Can we get jam or jelly with that or do we have to eat it plain?
  4. Hash-browns- They are supposed to brown and not pretty much white or is this a new thing ? We waited long enough we could of peeled our own potatoes and shredded them for you ourselves
  5. Ham- A deal you say but you overcharge and manipulate check anyway humm… can’t make up your mind if its an add on or a replacement ? This adventure made us realize the team-work only happens when they change the cost at check out from the full price to the special price then manipulate the check to end up costing more while they are fixing an overcharge. Nope don’t seem like much of a deal are your prices even real ? Maybe; it’s just a suggestion we may charge you this amount but if it’s more than the menu we will change the bill to cost you more and suit our will. Yep that is exactly what happened. Team-work at check-out only probably won’t go back.
  6. Biscuits and Gravy-  The sausage had just the right spice this was kinda nice a change of pace from the rest of the plate but it came about half a meal too late . The biscuits through the gravy I could taste soft and fluffy they were I give them credit for that . But why could I only taste the biscuit when it was covered in gravy? The gravy was very bland that pepper we put on it didn’t even make this one a keeper.



  1. Manipulated Check by servers with help of kitchen staff
  2. When questioned about the the special charged even more
  3. When asked to sign the card slip – a pen from the local hospital was laid on the table for us to use really ? Maybe that’s her career- a little job security maybe?

So here was our ADVENTURE trying out the restaurant in town. Not much in the way of a good first impression. As we seize the day we were determined to stay at least our meal was filling although our atmosphere service and quality wasn’t so fulfilling.



Wednesday Mid- day meal

Needed a break in the middle of the work week so decided to try something different for lunch. Originally thinking of trying a new food or menu item undecided where to go , we let the day take its course , however it may choose to go.  We decided to take a walk here is what we walked past.20170419_125016

Just a beautiful flow of water glistening in the warm sunshine.

Then we went out to lunch at a place neither of us had eaten before and just relaxed before sleep and work. There isn’t many places to go in a smaller town, where one hasn’t gone before but as walking we found a place that I had never been before. So we decided to go in and see what it was like as we grabbed a meal. We walked in and the service was good, the people were very polite , the atmosphere was relaxing and the food was quality.

We enjoyed the t-bone steak served with a sauce that had just the right amount of spice and beans and rice on the side. Instead of beans on one of the meals we ordered double rice. The cook fixed the steak exactly how it was ordered. So in away it was a new meal item as well as a new place for us to visit and eat, as we had never eaten that type of sauce before and served on a t-bone made it even better.

image0000001 (1)

We had time to just relax and escape the daily grind. Our ordinary Wednesday turned into a new adventure with just taking a simple walk and letting the day lead us. Seize the day or it will slip away . Each moment each opportunity is a chance to explore or do something new. Make the most of every moment that you have been given life should be a journey not a destination.